• Primary prevention through spreading awareness amongst youth of issues such as avoiding consanguinity and treatment of Rh incompatibility which is statistically linked to higher incidence of disabilities.
  • Advocating medical and other authorities to encourage mandatory Neonatal Screening of all newborn children for disabilities.
  • Espousing issues related to improved maternal health and nutrition at grassroots levels.
  • Conducting mother and child health and early intervention programmes aimed at disability identification and prevention.
  • Fostering a positive attitude towards persons with disabilities by their families and society by highlighting success stories involving persons born with disabilities.
  • Training programmes for safe delivery and child-birth.

Action Plans

  • Educating the less well-informed segments of the population (the bulk) about the causes and ways of prevention and early detection of disabilities.
  • Generating awareness of disabilities through conferences, seminars, workshops, DVDs, short films, skits and articles in the electronic and print media.
  • Highlighting the need for prevention of disabilities to the concened authorities to bring about mandatory Neonatal Screening of  newborn children.
  • Organizing Continuous Medical Education (CME) programmes for medical and para-medical professionals from both urban and rural areas across the country.
  • Shaping societal attitudes towards issues related to disability through workshops, the media, etc; each programme customized to the needs of each target group.